To get to the flight on time — to relax on the way back

From locations throughout Israel, Tal Limousine makes thousands of trips per month to and from Ben Gurion Airport. The service is intended for businessmen, tourists, private entities, and families, and includes front-door pickup, assistance with baggage, and transportation to and from the airport. Upon reserving a trip from Ben Gurion Airport, the reservations agent at our service center monitors, in real time, the flight's expected arrival time, and schedules the trip accordingly. A company representative will wait for the traveler at the Tal Limousine counter and will direct the traveler to the awaiting vehicle.

Traveling with Tal Limousine is a comfortable, reliable, and well-organized transportation solution that contributes positively to the overall experience of traveling overseas and returning home.

Special Arrangements for Large Companies — Taking Care of Employees on the Road

Tal Limousine offers a complete solution for companies that order trips to/from Ben Gurion Airport for employees and guests who leave Israel or come to Israel for participation in business meetings, exhibitions, congresses, events, international conferences, or for any other purpose. The solution includes trips to/from Ben Gurion Airport under a special arrangement, with reservations made via an efficient and convenient interface adapted to the customer's specific requirements.

Transportation Solutions for Large Complex Projects

Tal Limousine has the proven capability to provide solutions that require complex logistics, extraordinary organizational ability, and high service standards.

The extensive professional know-how and experience that the company has accumulated over the years makes it possible for the company to carry out hundreds of large complex projects that include transportation, VIP services, and VIP hospitality for large delegations and heads of state.

For special projects, such as hosting the delegation of the President of the United States in Israel, Tal Limousine mobilized hundreds of vehicles, of different types, while meeting schedules, fulfilling security requirements, and providing professional and courteous service.

Our Fleet of Vehicles

The large and diverse vehicle fleet available to the company allows the transportation department of Tal Limousine to offer transportation services to individuals and groups, including large delegations. The company has extensive experience in carrying out large projects (that require an especially large vehicle fleet), special projects (delegations from overseas), and exclusive projects. Our vehicle fleet includes:

  • Limousines
  • 7-seat and 11-seat vans
  • Minibuses that seat 14–20
  • Spacious «Eshkol» vehicles

When providing service for especially large groups or delegations, the company operates dozens of additional vehicles via subcontractors, including luxurious full‑size tour buses, as necessary.

Dedicated Car and Driver

One of Tal Limousine's central areas of activities is providing transportation service throughout Israel with a variety of dedicated vehicles – vans, «Eshkol» vehicles, luxurious limousines, etc. The company has access to a large and meticulously maintained fleet of vehicles, along with professional, skilled, and presentable drivers who speak different languages, as necessary.

Dedicating a vehicle to a VIP or a VIP delegation from abroad can be part of a hospitality package that provides an efficient high-quality transportation solution, with accompaniment throughout the entire stay in Israel, starting from the moment of landing.

Providing a dedicated vehicle for a VIP, or for a customer's guests, transfers the daily concerns for the convenience and comfort of the guests to the professional hands of Tal Limousine, thereby saving the customer the organizational and operational efforts involved in transporting guests.