Our vehicle inventory


7-passenger and 11-passenger vans

Minibuses with 14–20 seats

Spacious «Eshkol» vehicles

For groups or especially large delegations, the company mobilizes dozens of additional vehicles via subcontractors, and can also arrange for transportation in deluxe tour buses.

Mercedes E-class series

Mercedes E-class series, black/gray, for 3 passengers with 3 pieces of luggage – intended for businessmen interested in a dedicated vehicle or tourist guide


Minibus, business series, for up to 19 passengers with 15 suitcases, equipped with DVD, refrigerator, and special seats for maximum comfort – intended for large delegations from overseas


Mercedes S-Class series, black/gray, for 3 passengers with 3 suitcases – limousine intended for senior businessmen who come to Israel on business and require a dedicated luxury vehicle at their command

Mercedes Vito series

Van limousine, Mercedes Vito series, white, deluxe version, for 8 passengers with 8 suitcases – intended for trips to and from Ben Gurion Airport, and as a dedicated vehicle for businessmen and tourists.

Business series

Van limousine, business series, black, business version, intended for 8 passengers with 8 suitcases, equipped with swivel leather seats, DVD, table and refrigerator. Suitable for hosting overseas guests/businessmen.