We offer a service package for hosting VIPs in a "one-stop shop" arrangement, starting from the moment of their arrival in the country until the moment of their departure. The wide variety of services provided by Tal Limousine allows the customer to receive, under one roof, a complete hospitality package that includes VIP services at the airport, a dedicated vehicle, organization of trips and tours in Israel, security services (if needed), and other needs, upon request.

We make available to you our professional experience in organization, management, and execution of a hospitality program for a delegation of guests or for a single important guest from abroad. Tal Limousine's hospitality department will formulate a hospitality program according to a schedule determined in advance, in which the times of business meetings and meals will be integrated alongside activities intended to make the time spent by your guest(s) in Israel more pleasant. We place the guest in the center, providing him with service at international standards, while meeting schedules and reacting immediately and flexibly to any changes in the hospitality program.

Complete hospitality package in Israel includes: VIP services upon arrival in Israel Travel via luxurious vehicle to the VIP lounge, light refreshments, passport handling, and collection and handling of luggage. In the course of the stay in Israel:

  • Dedicated luxurious limousine (Mercedes S320 or E270), with a presentable chauffeur who speaks the guest's language.
  • Transporting the guest from the airport to the hotel, and to any destination that he requests, according to a schedule planned in advance.
  • Placing restaurant reservations.
  • Ensuring receipt of a newspaper in the morning hours.
  • Telephonic notification regarding the guest's arrival at meetings, so that the guest can be received properly.
  • Organization of tours and trips throughout Israel, with a dedicated guide licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Professional security services by multilingual guards equipped with personal firearms, who are licensed to provide personal security services.

VIP services upon departure from Israel: VIP services at Ben Gurion airport, which include accompaniment during the security inspection process and passport control, as well as hospitality in the guest lounge, which includes light refreshments, drinks, and office services. Door-to-Door Services The ability of Tal Limousine to also provide transportation services and VIP services overseas allows the extension of the hospitality program to overseas. It is possible to order «door-to-door» services from Tal Limousine, which will provide your guest a complete program of professional handling, from the moment he departs his home abroad until the moment he returns to his home. In this case, Tal Limousine will provide transportation to and from flights, and Tal Limousine's VIP services will take care of the guest at the overseas airport and at Ben Gurion airport. In Israel, he will enjoy a luxurious chauffeured limousine that will transport him anywhere and help take care of his every need along the way.